Nuclear Energy in Ukraine

Completion of Units Construction at Chmelnytska Power Plant is too expensive gamble

Kyiv, April 21, 2010 – National Ecological Centre of Ukraine considers the government’s plans to complete the 3-rd and 4-th nuclear units at Khmelnytska NPP to be unrealistic.

As is known, on April 21, 2010, the Government of Ukraine approved the Credit Facility Agreement with Russia for completion of two units at Khmelnytska NPP. However, the prospects for expanding nuclear power capacity of Ukraine resemble rather a gamble than strategic investment in Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

Atomstroyexport JSC (Russia), the company that won the tender for the construction of Unit 3/Unit 4 at Khmelnytska NPP and chief design engineer of nuclear reactors abroad has production limitations and is already burdened with international commitments that adds greater skepticism to the plans to complete construction of Unit 3/Unit 4 at Khmelnytska NPP by 2016. Moreover, there is not a single operating WWER-1000 (V-392B) reactor in the world, which is planned to be built at Khmelnytska nuclear power plant, only Russia is planning its construction, but that work is not currently running. Availability of half-built facilities at Khmelnytska NPP will only make it technically more difficult to make any modifications to the unit design and tighten the project.

As the situation with the construction of nuclear reactors in Belene (Bulgaria) shows, it is very difficult to find financial resources for such projects, the leading international financial organizations are not willing to provide funds for that type of construction due to significant, largely financial, risks. At present, Ukraine has no own funds to self-finance completing of Unit 3/Unit 4 at Khmelnytska NPP. Statements that Russia is going to provide a loan for reactors completion is doubtful, because the same statements were heard regarding the construction of reactors in Bulgaria, but the project has not yet been implemented.

“There is already an excess of installed capacity in Ukraine and no expected growth of electricity consumption is occurring. Thus, in late February, that is at the peak of power consumption, 5 out of 15 operating nuclear units did not supply electricity into the grid for a variety of reasons”, – says Artur Denysenko, Energy Coordinator for National Ecological Centre of Ukraine. – “Ukraine should focus its efforts on increase of energy efficiency of our economy”

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